One of the best hotels in Marrakech

ML & SL February, 2013

This is going to be very difficult.  We stayed for a week in a place we will forever call paradise.  All the superlatives are rather tame to be honest.  Amazing, Fantastic etc etc., don’t come close for us.  Of course it has been amazing and fantastic!  But it has been so much more.  It was been amazing too, to watch Dar Zemora work her charms on us too.  We were in love when we arrived! Now…. well I just couldn’t say!!

Thank you , thank you, thank you for a truly magical week.  From the moment we walked through the doors, we felt at home.  It took a while to overcome our emotions! and to take in the beauty, peace and serenity of Dar Zemora.  Our weeks stay has been very special – we have found a piece of Heaven a paradise of colour, tranquility, friendship and love.  We know we will return, and will ensure we have room in our tummies to savour the wonderful food.